Ethos and Aims

Our Mission as a Catholic school is to create and develop a community centered upon the teaching of Jesus Christ where all individuals are enabled to reach their full potential.  

Children's Promise

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School Aims

The key areas of the distinctive nature of Catholic education are:

  • the search for excellence, as an integral part of the spiritual quest;
  • the uniqueness of the individual, made in God’s image and loved by him;
  • the education of the whole person, based on the belief that the human and the divine are inseparable;
  • the education of all, with the particular duty to care for the poor and disadvantaged;
  • moral principles, put into practice within a Christian community.

All aspects of school life are firmly rooted in Christian principles.

We aim to ensure that pupils are given a secure, well-ordered school which will allow for their spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth.

Our aim is to Develop “the education of the whole person which not only enhances the dignity of the individual, but in the long term promotes the common good in society and in the world -wide human community”.

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