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Feast Day of St Alban 

Our children enjoyed learning about St Alban and celebrating together in mass.

Please take a look at some of the photos captured...


Mining in Denaby Main

We have had a lovely compliment about our year 5 Kirkstall Class who attended a local celebration of our mining heritage. Mrs Lawrence arranged for them to attend two sessions at Tom Hill Youth Centre where they learnt more about mining in our local area and beause of their great attitude, they have been invited back to engage in more events! We are delighted that our children were invited to be involved in this project. They 'showed real interest and curiosity within the sessions, and asked questions which has refelected in their learning'. Mrs Lawrence said that the children are a credit to our school and that their behaviours and attitudes have been impressive. 'They are polite, well-mannered and it's been a pleasure woeking with them'. 


St George's Day

Our children have loved learning about St George today! Children have engaged in lots of different activities and dressed in red to mark this special day. 


St Patrick's Day! 

We have enjoyed celebrating St Patrick's Day in school and learning about the Patron Saint of Ireland. Children got involved with looking at the history behind this special day, listened to Irish music, got involved in scavenger hunts and learnt about the sacred flower that became a symbol used by Saint Patrick to teach people about God. 

Safer Parking 

March 24: School council members have worked hard over the last couple of months to put a stop to dangerous parking and promote safer parking!

Take a look at this here:

St Alban's Catholic Primary and Nursery School: Spring Term 2024 (

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March 24 :Our School Council and Mini Vinnies teamed up to enjoy a day full of INTERGENERATIONAL fun at Harrogate Court Denaby Main.

The children and residents exhanged lots of knowledge and different experiences through games, discussions and activities! This day was dedicated to our community and learning how we can have a greater understanding of different generations when we come together. 

Take a closer look at this day here:



St David's Day!

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus...

A wonderful day had by all! Children have enjoyed learning about the Patron Saint of Wales. Everyone joined in with their own thoughts and prayers, having reflection time on the lives of patron saints, their courage and the remarkable things they did. 








Christmas Fayre December 2023 



St Alban's Christmas Fayre!

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Choose Kindness

Black History Month

At St Alban's, we teach our children to be responsible, respectful and active citizens who recognise that differences are interesting and positive and we learn about many cultures, races and religions.  In our Catholic school, we teach our children that every human being is special, unique and a child of God.  Most schools teach children about Black history month in October and at St Alban's we celebrate this rich and diverse history and culture in October too but learn about the positive impact of black history throughout the year across the curriculum.  Enjoy taking a peek at what our children have enjoyed learning about recently!  We are looking forward next to our Advent Adventures in Learning when we will look deeper into the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ but also find out more about Sikhism and Buddhism as religions, places of worship, holy objects, key celebrations and compare and contrast this to Christianity.



October’s WOW Top Ten Challenge!

  A  fantastic start to our Autumn term! Remember to Cycle, Scoot or Walk to school to earn badges and be part of a good active healthy lifestyle!


Long Distance Run

October 2023 


EYFS Sports Day

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Sports Day


Summer 2023

       Class presentations 


KS2 Performance


St Alban's Feast Day







Parents' and Carers' Online Saftey Workshop

Thank you to all the parents and carers that joined Mrs Ebsworth and Miss Strawbridge for the Online Safety Workshop. We hope you found the session informative and that it will support you to continuwe to keep your children safe online.

If you missed the session or would like to recap any of the information, please see the PowerPoint presentation by clicking on the picture below!

Coronation Picnic



Walk to School  

Our Walk to School this morning was a huge success. Thank you to all the families that took part as we walked our new and improved Park and Stride route from Home Bargains Car Park up to St Alban’s!

Thank you to Strider and Jim from Living Streets who accompanied us on our walk, all the children enjoyed the active start to the day and received a brand new badge for their efforts.

‘Adventures in learning’ 

Year 3 Whitby have had a great immersion week. They have enjoyed planting and making our Faith garden look beautiful for our School Community. 

They carried out some local community work too! Picking up the litter in the local area to make it Litter Free! 

'How can we love our world better?' 

Roche and Selby explored The Great Barrier Reef using David Attenborough's interactive website, created and played in their own great barrier reef in continuous provision, read books and sang songs about the ocean, carried out independant research and consolidated this with a Kahoot! Everyone loved the Cinema afternoon watching Finding Nemo in the hall! 

'How can we save our planet?' 

During our immersion week Fountains have been exploring the life of Greta Thunberg in order to write a biography about her life. During an interview for News Round, Greta said “There are always things you can do in your everyday life to get involved and take action for the climate and for the environment, for example you can start to pick up litter outside.” Inspired by Greta Thunberg, we went out with our litter pickers and started to take action!

'How can we love our world better?' 


Kirkstall have been delving deep into the rainforest as part of immersion week for our new 'Adventures in Learning' topic - OUR WORLD: How can we love it better?

The children have been exploring on a virtual tour of The Eden Project in Cornwall and even creating their own rainforest reading area, complete with its own rainforest soundtrack! 


'How can we save our planet?' 

Fountains have had a great immersion week so far as they embarked on their learning expedition! They are exploring ' How can we save our planet?'. 

We have started by updating our Faith Garden as we begin our 'Animals and living things' topic in Science. The children have loved becoming gardeners, clearing and planting in our reflective area. 


‘Adventures in learning’ 

This term we are going on expeditions to find out answers to our guiding questions as we explore the overarching theme of Our World: how can we love it better?

EYFS started this journey with a Mobile Zoo visit










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Aladdin Panto


Doncaster Parents Voice 





Follow the below link for advice and guidance on keeping warm and well this Winter...  

Supporting you this winter.

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Anti-Bullying Week 

Reach Out  got all of our children involved with this event and we celebrated by wearing odd socks!

The children were encouraged to express themselves and celebrate their individuality - Thinking about what makes us all unique! 

Across KS1 and KS2 we looked at 'One Kind Word' and how we can stand up to bullying. 



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