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The Stations of the Cross presented by Kirkstall class.
Please take time as a family to watch this presentation on Good Friday and solemnly reflect on the suffering of Jesus.  We commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus and pray silently together. 

Jesus, you are my Lord and my God,
you endured such pain and suffering for me,
you died for love of me.
I kneel beneath your cross
and beg for mercy.
Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.
O blood and water flowing from your side,
sanctify and cleanse me.
Lord, I love you with all my heart
and place all my trust in you.


Reflective learners in RE Celebration Assembly this week - Friday 26th March 2021


Rosedale - Euan and Jaxon

Roche - Chloe and Tianna

Selby - Georgia

Whitby - Raffe-J and Keevah

Fountains - Isaac and Sam

Kirkstall - Bentley and Jakub

Rievaulx - Lexi


Well done to all our superstar Gold Award winners!  The live recording of the assembly is available on the Whole School Assembly Teams Page in Files!  Enjoy!

A moment to reflect and pray for all those affected by the Coronavirus pandemic over the last 12 months. 

Thank you to Kirkstall class, Mrs Dyson and Mr McCormack for preparing and sharing this with us on this day of reflection - 23rd March 2021.

Horizon Topic Celebration Assembly - 19th March 2021


Well done to our superstar Gold Award learners this week!!!!  The live recording of the assembly today is available on Teams.

Rosedale: Lily Beth and Renesme

Roche: Mercedes and Primrose

Selby: Arthur

Whitby: Erin and Riley

Fountains: Cash and Charlie

Kirkstall: Si and Emily

Riveaulx: Evie and Jude

As promised, premiered here...our refurbished Rosedale Reception classroom in action!  A special thank you goes to Mr Ayres, our school Site Manager, for working every day extra before, during and after the holidays to finish the classroom for the full-time return of our Rosedale class.  The children are delighted with the results and have described it as 'Awesome!'  The staff team who work in Rosedale have enjoyed planning and rearranging furniture and provision areas, and laying down the luxurious rugs making it a superb, bright and inviting learning environment so much so it is the envy of all other teachers in school!  Next is the outdoor provision area for Rosedale so watch this space...!

From Friday 19th March onwards our Celebration Assemblies will only be available through the Teams page as all children are now in school.  Parents will still be invited to celebrate with us via the Teams App.  Thank you.

Marvellous Maths Celebration Assembly - Friday 12th March 2021

Well done to our mathemagicians throughout school who received a Superstar Gold Award this week!

Rosedale - Esme and Sonny

Roche - Lola, Violet and Theo

Selby - Callum and Seb

Whitby - Zara and Ethan

Fountains - Alfie and Lucy

Kirkstall - Alyssia and Tarlia

Rievaulx - Rion and Robin

Back with a BANG!  - - - Back with a BANG!  - - - Back with a BANG!  - - - 

All the children came back to school with a BANG on Monday!  Check out all the photos of our exciting Science day held to celebrate British Science Week!  

Exciting Writing Celebration Assembly - Friday 5th March


Watch our recorded live assembly revealing amazing authors and remarkable writers at St Alban's this week.  One day we may be reading books or articles published by these children!  Enjoy!

Rosedale - Euan and Lexi

Roche - Nancy and Ricoh

Selby - Briella and Romeo

Whitby - Lucas and Olivia

Fountains - Katy and Theo

Kirkstall - Rowan and Ethan

Rievaulx - Owen

From next week, as we still cannot invite parents into school, we will continue with our celebration assemblies through Teams and invite parents of the weekly winners by email to join us at 1.15pm each Friday or watch later when the assembly is available here on the website.  We look forward to our next celebration assembly with all of our children back in the building.

PE celebration Assembly - Friday 26th February 2021


Well done to our award winners this week.  Please enjoy our live assembly led this week by Miss Brennan.

Sensational scientists were unveiled at our celebration assembly this week (Friday 12th February)

We’ve had a busy first half-term and our children have been super learners. Their science learning shows great investigative skills. Well done to the following sensational scientists!

Rosedale: Zac and James

Roche: Lotty and Primrose

Selby: Reuben and Riley

Whitby: George and Olly

Fountains: Skyler and Ugne

Kirkstall: Klaudia and Isaac

Rievaulx: Eddie and Lexi


Please watch our recording of the live assembly where we go live to both our learners in classes at school  and zoom over to learners at home!

Celebration Assembly Friday 5th February 2021

What a fabulous week we have had expressing ourselves, not only in the way we speak and listen but also looking after ourselves and others mentally through a variety of mindfulness and physical activities.  Well done to all of our superstars both at home and school! The children who are impressing the adults in school are:

Rosedale: Esme and George

Roche: Charlie and Ajay

Selby: Sofie and Kamile

Whitby: Ethan and Drew

Fountains: Isaac and Lilly

Kirkstall: Hetty and Lexie

Rievaulx: Jayden A and Evie

Well done to our superstars this week!  Please see the recording of the live Teams Celebration Assembly below - this week we had lots of learners on from home too - remember you can join us now live every Friday at 1.15pm through the Teams link on your class page! 

Celebration Assembly Friday 29th January 2021


We have celebrated our remarkable readers today! They are -

Rosedale: Eliza and Nancy

Roche: Billie-Rae and Lilly

Selby: George and Elsie

Whitby: James and Lily

Fountains: Ryley and Urte

Kirkstall: Joe and Blake

Rievaulx: Aston and Pixie

Well done to our superstars this week!  Please see the recording of the live Teams Celebration Assembly below - this week we had lots of learners on from home too - remember you can join us now live every Friday at 1.15pm through the Teams link on your class page!