Y6 – Maths – Revise Averages (Range, Mode, Median, Mean)

  Read and learn The mean machine Mean runners Shop til you drop Median Mode & Range Train race Game 1 Game 2 Quiz Averages & range 1 Averages & range 2  

Y6 – Maths – Revise Probability

  Probability – learn Probability revision Probability line Fish tank Virtual coin toss Coin tossing Probability game 1 Probability game 2 Probability simulator Probability quiz 1 Probability quiz 2 Probability quiz 3 Card Flip Probability fun Spin the spinner Dice roll Simple probability Calculate probability Calculate probability Certain, likely, impossible Probability circus Probability fair Marbles […]

Y6 – Maths- Revise Money

  Money Match Moneybox to £20 Money problems Money snap! Coin machine game Sweet shop White elephant Going to the bank Shop till you drop Change game Shopping game Check-out challenge Subtracting money The party shop Bargains Galore Money – play Money quiz 1 Money quiz 2  

Y6 SATs Revision – Maths – Division

Here are quite a few links for you to develop your division skills. Learn about division Divide lesson I Divide lesson II Number line division Division – chunking Division square Sum sense division Amoeba division Conveyor belt Fridge magnets ÷ & remainders Division game x & ÷ play Division quiz Problem solving ÷ Math Magician […]

Y6 SATs Revision – Maths – Multiplication

Here are some links to help with the revision of Multiplication: Multiplication lesson Read: multiplication Missing digits Multiplication quiz Sum sense x Multiplication game Conveyor belt Fridge magnets Multiplication quiz Speed grid Rapid recall Bracket basics Amoeba multiplication Problem solving Multiplication quiz 1 Multiplication quiz 2 BBC Bitesize: Multiplication Introduction BBC Skillswise: Mental Maths Multiplication […]

Y6 SATs Revision – Maths – Subtraction

Here are some links to help with the revision of Subtraction: Learn subtraction Horizontal subtraction Subtraction on a number line 2 digit borrowing 3 digit subtraction Decomposition Speed subtraction Count on convict Fridge magnets The change game Minus 11 Take away targets Subtraction machine Maths conveyor belt Subtraction fish bowl Sum sense Splitting game Problem […]

Y6 SATs Revision – Maths – Addition

Here are some links to help with the revision of Addition: Learn about addition Expanded addition Partitioning Number line to + & – Add 3 digit numbers Bargain hunt Conveyor belt Add by splitting Rags to Riches Fridge magnets Play addition game Addition/subtraction Problem solving Addition quiz Speed addition I Speed addition II Speed addition […]

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