Curriculum Overview

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Teaching, Learning and Assessment Guide

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Guide


Our Creative Curriculum at St Alban’s

At St Alban’s School, teaching is inspiring, innovative, creative, and develops a depth of knowledge and understanding which prepares children to be lifelong learners, mastering their skills across the curriculum.

All mastery learning experiences follow an inquiry approach and begin with an activity or question as a ‘hook’, which engages the children. Then through a direct teaching model, using precise, well-structured teaching methods and varied and tailored quality resources, the children are taken on a learning journey which encourages them to develop and practice skills, and start to question further and make links.  The teacher then skilfully questions, probes and scaffolds learning activities to deepen the understanding of children and allow them to master their skills in all subjects. From this, children investigate, reason and create, applying their skills in a variety of ways and linking their learning across the curriculum to produce quality outcomes.

Throughout the learning process, through the use of the Golden Ticket 3 ticks system, the adults, children and their peers are assessing their progress every step and children are acting on the feedback they receive, deepening their knowledge and understanding in every session.

HOOK – DIRECT TEACH – PRACTICE SKILLS – FLUENCY ACHIEVED – MASTER (Reason/Problem/Investigate in the maths/sciences/computing and Create/Write/Produce in the arts – writing, art, DT, Music etc.

Autumn Term 2017 Creative Curriculum – ‘PRECIOUS’

Each class will take the title precious in different ways…linked to the class books taken from Pie Corbett’s Reading Spine.

Rosedale (FS2) – Owl Babies and Mrs Armitage’s Wheels

Roche (Y1) – Dogger and Elmer

Selby (Y2) – Emily Brown and the Thing and Amazing Grace

Whitby (Y3) – The Iron Man

Fountains (Y4) – Perry Angel’s Suitcase

Kirkstall (Y5) – Wolf Brother

Rievaulx (Y6) – The Hobbit

Classes will master their skills across the foundation subjects as well as English and maths inspired by their class books and the title ‘Precious’. Already there are Precious Oceans, Hobbit-Holes, Anderson Shelters and Floating Dingys in classrooms to encourage children to immerse themselves in their focus books and their creative topics…

Children will link their learning to their computing skills (following the Rising Stars computing scheme) as well as scientific, historical, geographical, technology, art music and PE skills. With the title ‘Precious’, children follow the ‘Come and See’ and ‘Journey in Love’ programmes and link their learning across subjects where possible.

Curriculum Overview 2016


Here at St. Alban’s children are taught through an engaging curriculum, as a SMALLER THAN AVERAGE SCHOOL we are proud to offer a curriculum that takes into consideration the different learning needs and styles of all our children. Our topic themes are carefully chosen and encourage exploration and enquiry through first hand experience learning, which is finely balanced with strong discrete subject teaching, leading to a vibrant curriculum for everyone to enjoy.

Our carefully designed, eclectic curriculum has our children at its very centre. As a SMALLER THAN AVERAGE SCHOOL we offer a high quality learning experience, where each child is seen as special, with unique qualities to be nurtured and celebrated. We strive to inspire children as individuals, leading them to realise their full potential, preparing them academically, socially and spiritually to become tolerant and respectful citizens of the future.

New and exciting opportunities in and outside the classroom are threaded through our entire curriculum, creating a positive learning culture that promotes personal responsibility develops independence and stimulates aspirations. Within this caring and supportive environment, which reflects our Christian ethos we strive for our children to gain self-belief, empowering them to have the confidence to try something new or different, to take and mange risk effectively and develop an understanding that “mistakes are good” because that’s how we learn

As SMALLER THAN AVERAGE SCHOOL staff know our children well and are well placed to meet the learning needs of all children. All staff use their knowledge of the children to adapt their teaching to meet the different and developing learning needs, employing a range of strategies and techniques to ensure all children access an appropriate and curriculum that enables them to make at least good progress from their starting point.

English, Mathematics, Science, RE and PE are all taught as discrete subjects, cross-curricular links are made to enhance and deepen learning opportunities with particular attention given to integrating subjects only where it works well. Links to themes and subjects are only made where appropriate, thus ensuring specific skills and concepts are well taught without loss of content or rigour.

Our innovative curriculum is well established and a particular strength of the school engaging children, parents and governors …not to mention teachers! We’re a SMALL SCHOOL with a BIG PERSONALITY and a desire for ST. ALBAN’S to STAND OUT. We’re here to support our children to achieve the highest standards, instilling within them a thirst for knowledge and a drive to become LIFE LONG LEARNERS, where anything is possible

We invite you to join the SMALL SCHOOL with the BIG IDEAS and a HEART where a WORLD OF OPPORTUNITY waits.



For more information regarding what you child will be learning in School contact their class teacher and also see National Curriculum guidance





Curriculum Overview
2016 /17 Autumn Spring Summer
Whole school Topic theme  We Are Denaby  History /Geography  Yorkshire Life A county of contrasts Literature  Explores A whole new world History /Geography  
Science Cross curricular themes & discreet topics in line with National Curriculum
RE Come and See!
Sex and Relationships Journey in Love
Phonics Read Write Inc!
Reading Oxford Reading TreeReading ExplorersChildren’s Fiction
Spelling No Nonsense Spelling
Grammar and Punctuation CGP
Mathematics Maths Mastery throughMaths on Target, My Maths, Big Maths



Curriculum Overview
2015 /16 Autumn Spring Summer
Whole school TopicCross-curricular theme Extreme  Geography theme Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Award winning Literature First  History
RE Come and See!
Sex and Relationships Journey in Love
Phonics Read Write Inc!
Reading Oxford Reading TreeReading ExplorersChildren’s Fiction
Spelling No Nonsense Spelling
Grammar and Punctuation CGP
Mathematics Maths Mastery throughMaths on Target, My Maths, Big Maths
Science In-line with National Curriculum



Curriculum Overview
2014 /15 Circles Above and Below Inside Out



Curriculum Overview
2013 /14 Nursery Rhyme Fire and Ice Sacrifice
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